Brazilian Icumsa 45 Sugar Exporters

- In Brazil, there are six major sugar groups that are the  largest sugar manufacturers and exporters from Brazil.

- Our end-seller is one of them, so our Icumsa 45 prices are very competitive, as we are directly with the source.

- If your company needs assistance with the importing processes to buy Icumsa 45 Sugar from Brazil, our trading company can aid you locally, as we are based in Brazil.

- The mandate seller of Sugar Icumsa 45 in Brazil is a traditional  large sugar manufacturer from Brazil.

- Buying Brazilian sugar IC45 direct from a exporting company guarantees the fastest deliver and best price.

- We only work direct with the end-seller of Icumsa 45 sugar from Brazil, we do not have other origins.

- For sugar icumsa 45 price today, please contact us.

Brazilian Icumsa 45 Sugar Exporters


Product Type: Sugar Icumsa 45 (White Sugar)

Origin: Brazil - Sugarcane


Minimum Order: 25.000 mt SPOT or 12.500 x12



If you prefer, write us an email at: 


Additional information: Açucar Icumsa 45 (IC 45) Sugar from Brazil


Tradition and confidence in sugar trading. Our end-seller is one of the largest sugar exporters from Brazil.

All Requests for Icumsa IC 45 Sugar Price quote must follow and agree with our basic selling terms, other payment conditions or orders below the minimum volume will be ignored and not forwarded to validation by our sugar seller.


The Icumsa 45 price changes overtime, so we send an updated sugar price quotation based on your demand and destination.


Most of the sugar suppliers in Brazil work on strict terms and these are rarely negotiable.

To quote other Icumsa types, consider the same terms with a minimum order of 25.000 mt for ICUMSA 150 or ICUMSA 800-1200.

We only quote for Sugar Icumsa 45 from Brazil, we do not deal with other origins.


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